Complaints and Appeals

During the process of approval, certification or verification if an operator disagrees with a decision, or the behaviour of an NZIDT staff member, they may lay a Complaint or Appeal by writing to:

NZIDT Limited
Complaints and Appeals Committee
PO Box 5045
Auckland 1141
New Zealand

Or Email:

Phone: 093068934, Fax: 093068935

The complaint or appeal will be passed to our complaints and appeals committee:


NZIDT Complaints and Appeals Committee

Mr. Taoufik Elidrissi


Dr. Mohamed Osman Elamien



To preserve independence, the NZIDT staff involved in the handling, processing, review and resolution of a complaint or appeal cannot be involved in any phase of the Halal certification related to the subject complaint or appeal.


A senior representative of NZMPI will be present at the committee meeting.

All complaints and appeals will be tracked and recorded, including actions undertaken to resolve them.

NZIDT will be responsible for the handling process for complaints and appeals and will not subcontract the handling process to a third party.

No discriminatory actions will result from NZIDT’s investigation and decision on appeals.

Throughout the review process, NZIDT will maintain all levels of standard of service, impartiality, confidentiality and required administration as dictated by the company quality manual and related policies


Process of Handling Complaints and Appeals from Clients

Upon receiving the complaint or appeal, the NZIDT office will immediately advise the complaint or appealant of receipt of the complaint or appeal.

We will ask the operator to must complete a NZIDT complaints or appeals form, before any investigation will commence.

NZIDT will review the complaint and confirm whether the complaint relates to inspection activities for which NZIDT is responsible.

NZIDT will take all necessary steps to gather and verify all necessary information to validate the complaint or appeal. All formal complaints and decision review requests will be managed impartially, confidentially and in a timely manner by NZIDT.

Once a decision has been reached, this will be communicated to the complainant or appellant. The decision reached by the complaints and appeals committee will be considered final

NZIDT will ensure an appropriate action has been taken and the issue is resolved before it is designated as closed.